We invest in
in the real economy


Small to medium-sized privately owned Swiss companies engaged in production and/or trade, namely in the fields of energy, IT, logistics and transport

Do you want to sell your business as a whole or only parts of it?

We try to be the buyer we would want if we were selling

We are fast, fair and get it done

Nevertheless we work at your pace

We keep things simple

And focus on the variables that really matter

We have time, you set the pace

We make decisions together in peace, without time pressure

We invest in meaningful projects

It is not simply the money that drives us, but also the sense-giving factor, the sustainable thought and the future-securing action

Do you want to participate and be an investor on our side of the table?

You can!
Actually sit at the table with the necessary experience, negotiating skills and knowledge of human nature,
or then,
profit as a silent investor

Our investments usually fall into one of these categories


You’ve built a great business from the ground up. It’s profitable (>500,000), but you now want to move on


You have a lasting market position, proven profitability and now need capital for the next step


You have a co-founder who is leaving the company or a major shareholder who is exiting and you want to seize this opportunity

We look for:

Proven track record (> 500’000 during >3 years)

High Margins

Little or better no debts

A plausible history of fair dealings with customers, employees and suppliers

A simple business model that your neighbors will also understand

A meeting with the full management team to feel whether the change of ownership is supported (or not)

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Who we are

Roger P. Keller, 1964, entrepreneur and investor, with 30 years of experience in IT and finance
Other entrepreneurs and investors from the energy, IT, transport and traffic sectors
Wealthy private individuals who want to invest parts of their funds in the real economy

We not only invest, but also actively assist:

4 years of life, work without pay and a cash outflow of half a million

Supporting young people with handicap in their initial vocational training and integration into the primary labour market

  • lifedream.com (2013-)
    The realization of life dreams for adults and elderly couples

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